Licensing Concepts for 2005

Featured above and below are some of our main Concepts:

Patelis and Lucas Media was founded in 1997 based on the extreme imagery of popular Sci-Fi artist Dimitri Patelis and the creative mind of producer Lucas Wilton.

We are property owners of a large Concept & Image library.
Specializing in Creature & Character Design, Fantasy & Sci-Fi Illustration.

Licensing 2005 we showcased some of our latest creations targeting Motion Pictures, Animation & TV, Mobile Content, PC & Console Gaming, Graphic Novels, Online Applications, Publishing, Role Playing Games, Calendars, Posters and other interactive media.

The large spectrum of our work covers the most popular genres and age groups.

Our Designs and Illustrations have been used and published successfully World Wide in Novel Covers, Album Covers, T-shirts, PC Gaming, Snowboards, Skateboards, Trading Cards, Board Games, Comic Books, Calendars, Posters etc.

We are interested in collaborating with other creative media companies or agencies. If you offer representation, legal services or are in need of our services feel free to contact us.

We also a offer a range of professional artistic services including Art Direction, Digital & Classical Illustration, Creature & Character Design, Logo & Package Design, Web Design & Consultation.

Our many Clients include:

Electronic Arts / EA Sports
Twentieth Century Fox
Wizards of the Coast
Candlelight Records
Discover Magazine
Marvel Comics
Hasbro USA
Walt Disney
Levis USA
Bacardi, Europe
Topps Company
Chaos Comics
Fashion Victim
Virgin Interactive
Dark Horse Comics
Millennium Publishing
Wizard & Genius